Gift of Healing - Bekah Worley

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This year, we’ve partnered with the vibrant local artist, Bekah Worley, to create this 'Gift of Healing'.

This piece of art is dedicated to those of us going through a complicated Mother’s Day. My intent behind creating this gift is very personal. It's a reminder to check in on the people we love. To think about the friend who might need to hear from you that day or just be seen that day. It's a reminder to make that phone call or send that text and say, "I'm here, and you're not alone". I hope this gift will send light and love and comfort to those who need it this year. I mean, what's more comforting than beautiful art and delicious bite sized cookies?


*This is a Limited Edition Item. Only 25 Available*


Bekah Worley's Inspiration:

As I set about creating this collection, I was thinking about moms and motherhood, of course, but also about this season--how spring feels so hopeful and there is so much of that tied up in being a mom or wanting to be a mom or having a mom. We hope. In nature, flowers are literally a way of creating life. Each one is a possibility, which is so wildly optimistic, I couldn't think of a better way to honor everything that's gorgeous and terrifying and terrible about motherhood. 

About the Artist:

Bekah Worley is a Minneapolis-based artist whose folk art inspired paintings and drawings explore the relationship between color, pattern, and form. Her work is expressive and joy-forward, mostly  done in acrylic, and often incorporates found frames and other objects.

Cinnamon & Sugar: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Cinnamon.

Chocolate Chip: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mini Chips.

Peanut Butter Sea Salt: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Peanut Butter, Sea Salt.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Peanut Butter, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mini Chips. Sea Salt.

Rosemary Pecan: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Fresh Rosemary, Roasted Pecans.

Lemon Lavender: Butter, Flour, Sugar, Vanilla, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest, Freshly Ground Lavender.

Made in a facility with tree nuts, pecans, peanuts, gluten, and dairy.

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Hand Made
9 Month Shelf Life
Made With No Eggs

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