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We are "all Thumbs" all year long! We want to share these tiny cookies with you and your loved ones every month of the year! Thumb Of The Month Clubbers will receive a large box (48 cookies) of Thumbs Cookies each month, featuring one of our many flavors. We are pretty excited about this! Each flavor you receive will align with the given season or time of year. We want you or your loved ones to be super excited to get your surprise flavor of Thumbs Cookies at your doorstep each month! This makes a pretty sweet gift to your favorite cookie lover or to yourself!! (Psst... remember, these cookies are so small...they don't even count!)


January:  "Barb's" Cinnamon & Sugar

February:  Red Velvet

March:  Chocolate Chip

April:  Chocolate Hazelnut

May:  Margarita

June:  Lemon Lavender

July:  Lime Sea Salt

August:  Rosemary Pecan

September:  Peanut Butter Sea Salt

October:  Double Chocolate

November:  Ginger Clove

December:  Holiday Glitter

*Monthly Thumbs will go out on 15th of each month, depending on when the initial order was placed.