$ 16.00

Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie? (This happens to be my personal favorite). We thought we would bring you the tiniest chocolate chip cookie to date! This is a classic Thumb topped with one giant chocolate dark Ghirardelli chocolate chip. The perfect bite! We suggest a glass of milk pairing.

Why You Need These:

1. These are the cutest Chocolate Chip Cookies you've ever seen.

2. Bite Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies will make anyone happy.

3. We put every Chocolate Chip on each cookie by hand. It doesn't get more handmade than that.

4. These Gourmet Cookies are made with 4 ingredients. No preservatives! 

¨I love these cookies! I have gifted them several times as a special, unique way to say thank you to clients and friends. They are the perfect size to enjoy a few with coffee or hot chocolate. They look adorable in a jar or sleeve. Oh, and they are delicious! As a cooking instructor, I am a *wee* bit picky about such things! Love these cookies.¨

Rebecca Lewandowski

5/5 stars

Made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shipping Nationwide