Our Cookie Cuties


Robyn Frank (Founder/Owner)

Robyn started Thumbs Cookies out of her Brooklyn apartment in 2012. The cookies were inspired by her Mom Barb's signature Cinnamon Thumbs that Robyn remembered her mom making for neighborhood and family events. Robyn moved the company back to Minneapolis in
2014 and has been slowing growing the company since that time. She already completed her dream of getting a Thumb Bug and is currently working on completing her COOKIE MOBILE. She has many other visions for Thumbs as well. Just wait and see.

Bethany Nelson (head baker)

Bethany started hand rolling Thumbs with us in 2014! These were the pre-KRANKY days. Now she is busy showing KRANKY whose boss and churning out delicious 'melt in your mouth' Thumbs for everyone to savor. She is also the butter cream queen. Nobody makes butter cream like this lady! We are very lucky to have her and her keen baking touch on The Thumbs Team!


Dena Raiche (logistics)

Dena thought she would just be popping in to help with some temporary holiday work at Thumbs, but that temporary stint turned into something more regular. Now she handles most of our packaging, shipping and logistics. She helps spread the Thumbs Cookies love from our doorstep to yours! We are lucky to have her as part of The Thumbs Team too!


Yes. This is indeed a machine but we believe she is so much more. KRANKY is able to take 20lbs of dough and make into to tiny little dough circles that eventually become Thumbs. KRANKY indicates her function and her unpredictable mood!
The official COOKIE MOBILE and spreader of joy!