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Kirby - The Thumbs Cookie Mobile

As featured on Twin Cities Live (see story here)

Upcoming Events:

          Red Wagon Pizza Pop-up | Mondays in August | 4-7 p
          Dave's Roseville Auto Care Pop-up | August 8 | 1-4 p

          Serge & Jane Pop-up | August 21 | 4-6 p 

The story of Kirby...

Ever since Robyn's job as a Hotdogger, driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, she knew she wanted to share the love of food in a unique way. When Thumbs started to kick off, it just seemed logical to dream of a COOKIE MOBILE!

So, thanks to many loved ones and Thumbs Cookies lovers, Robyn was able to complete a Kickstarter for a Cookie Mobile in June of 2016. Her vision was a purple VW Beetle with a cute teardrop trailer towing behind it. The Cookie Mobile would be used to spread joy by going to events and handing out warm tiny cookies and cold milk to cookie lovers throughout the Twin Cities and beyond!

Tiny cookie lovers, meet Kirby...

Why “Kirby” you ask?

This adorable casita was actually parked down the street from Robyn’s home. When she saw a FOR SALE sign on the window, Robyn quickly turned the car around and went looking for the owner. It turned out, the owner of the casita was a lovely young gal. It was evident that this gal was not thrilled about selling her adorable little casita (her Dad was pretty insistent that she had to sell it). After some chatting, Robyn told this gal that she wanted to convert into a cookie mobile. The gal warmed up to the idea and Robyn said she would name it after this sweet chick. The gal’s last name was Kirby- and it all just seemed to fit:).

Kirby is starting to hit the streets!  Start looking for Kirby out and about at events in the Twin Cities! As well, Kirby will be available to rent for weddings, graduations and whatever events you think cookies and milk would welcome.

Have an event in mind for The Thumbs Cookie Mobile? Connect with us at events@thumbscookies.com - we would love to hear about it!

Special thank you to all who participated in the Kickstarter to make this dream come true!