Big Thumbs Update!



WE DID IT!! We got FUNDED, thanks to all of our incredible supporters and Thumbs Lovers! Stay Tuned to our upcoming newsletter and social media for details on the Thumbs Mobile Launch Party and the Thumbs Mobile Reveal!!


Link to campaign on Kickstarter :  Thumb Bug Kickstarter

We are building the first ever Thumbs Cookie Mobile to deliver fresh cookies and spread joy to all cookie lovers in MN and beyond!



About this project

Thumbs Cookies is about making tiny delicious cookies, but it's also about honoring family tradition and spreading joy. 

My mom, Barb, is the original Thumb-maker. I used to watch her roll cookie dough into perfect little circles and finish each one with her perfect thumbprint – and I wanted to do it just like her. At first, I wasn’t so good. But I kept practicing.

As I got older, I realized that these little cookies we had come to call Thumbs around the house were so much more than addicting, delicious treats made for holidays, occasions and often upon special request. My mom baked Thumbs as a way to share her love with her family, friends and community. After watching Barb time and again, I finally mastered making Thumbs, and decided it was time to share our love and family history through these little cookies. 

Thumbs has already created a presence by selling to friends, family and many new customers that we've reached at farmers markets and events, but we want to be even more visible and more accessible. 

Creating the Cookie Mobile (a.k.a. the Thumb Bug) will allow us to bring a mobile cookie store wherever we go, sharing fresh cookies with anyone in our path. 

 So, where is all of this Kickstarter money going?

  • Used VW Beetle purchase: We decided to go with a beetle because it's little and cute, just like THUMBS! We will be purchasing a used vehicle but it needs a certain amount of horse power to tow the trailer.
  • Wrapping the VW Beetle with color and the Thumbs logo.
  • Tear Drop Trailer: the plan will be to customize the trailer to be a little Thumbs mobile store. We will sell packaged product and we will also have freshly baked cookies from our commercial kitchen that day that will be served fresh and ready to eat!
  • Build of the trailer, including customization and exterior branded graphic wrap.
  • The necessary licenses and permits to make sure the Thumb Bug is legit!

What you can expect from the Thumb Bug: We will be offering our delicious Thumbs Cookies in our cute little To Go gift packages. These will be available in our very popular flavors: PEANUT BUTTER SEA SALT, Barb's Classic CINNAMON & SUGAR, CHOCOLATE CHIP, and one other rotating flavor depending on the season. 

We will also be offering Thumbs to be scooped and ready to be eaten right there on the spot. We also hope to offer a cold side of milk on those warmer days.

We will mostly be aiming to do special events and will also park at certain regular locations. We will tell people where the Thumb Bug is parking via Twitter, FB and Instagram.

We will be able to sell more often and will aim to do special events such as weddings and fairs!

We want to be able to reach more people and we also think it might make people smile when they see us coming. Plus, it will keep our driving in check ;)

Thank you!
Robyn & The Thumbs Team

Dena Raiche (left), Robyn Frank (center), Bethany Nelson (right)
Dena Raiche (left), Robyn Frank (center), Bethany Nelson (right)

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge will come with building the vehicle so that it will serve as a mobile store and not be too heavy to tow with the bug. We are continuing to research how other mobile stores work successfully in this way.

Temperature control with cookies can be an issue we will have to consider. We will work with trusted and professional builders to help solve these possible issues in the design and building process.

Similar to the the Wienermobile, we will have to learn to maneuver the trailer!