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Do you have dietary restrictions but gotta have your Thumbs?  We are hear to help!  Any flavor of Thumbs Cookies can be prepared Gluten Free. 

We also make a Vegan Peanut Butter Sea Salt, with vegan butter provided by The Herbivorous Butcher.

Special order your 1/2 pound and 1 pound boxes today:



From organicactor:

5/5 stars

¨We bought these vegan and still the cookies had such a wonderful (and vegan friendly!) butter taste...such a delightful treat for a vegan dessert! The fun red and pink colors of the frosting only made these little treats even more delightful. The box was eaten all too quickly, but these were enjoyed so very much! Would buy again, delightful shop to order from and very high quality product!¨


From Sarah Bedi:

5/5 stars

¨I got these as a gift and she loved them!! Said they were the best gluten free cookies she has ever had!¨ 


*We understand the challenges facing the community of people who struggle with food allergies or have to manage food sensitivities in their lives. Please be aware that the handcrafted nature of our cookies and the variety of procedures in our kitchens, can result in cross-contamination with ingredients containing gluten and animal products. We therefore make no guarantees regarding the gluten or dairy content of these items. 

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