$ 29.00

Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie? Especially a tiny adorable chocolate chip cookie? This is a simple tiny butter cookie (think shortbread but more buttery) topped with one giant Dark Ghirardelli chocolate chip placed perfectly in the middle of the cookie. The perfect bite! We suggest a glass of milk pairing.  Be careful, these ones are true buttery goodness with a rich chocolate finish! 

Why You Need These:

1. These are the cutest Chocolate Chip Cookies you've ever seen.

2. Bite Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies will make anyone happy.

3. We put every Chocolate Chip on each cookie by hand. It doesn't get more handmade than that.

4. These Gourmet Cookies are made with 4 ingredients. No preservatives! 


¨These cookies are delicious, and just the right size when you want a little something that is sweet. We really enjoyed them!¨

Sandra Marrinson

5/5 stars