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THE HERO SNACK PACK CAMPAIGN (as featured on the Today Show)

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Due to hospital regulations and social distancing guidelines, in most cases we are not able to take specific requests for delivery. We are happy to work with you if contact information is given for a person who is able to pick up the MN Hero Snack Pack from Seward Makes (2211 E. Franklin Ave, Mpls 55404) and deliver it themselves. Your donation of $25 per pack will definitely be going to hospital workers and first responders; we are just limited in our delivery options. We are a small group trying to do big things!

Thank you for your understanding and more importantly, your generosity.

You make the contribution, we do the rest. 

If you’d just like to donate to this cause, we will work on getting products to frontliners through our partnerships with hospitals or other people that can come pick up and deliver these goods. So far, we have been able to deliver these packs to 14 different medical facilities, and served over 3000 frontliners with snacks.

Unfortunately, navigating hospitals is quite difficult during this time, so we cannot guarantee specific deliveries.  Thank you for your generosity. Please know that it’s doing great things in our community.

For more information about the MN Hero Snack Pack, see our story below.
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Brands Participating in this Effort:

Big Watt Beverages                          






       Northstar Kombucha                


                You Betcha Kimchi                  Von Hanson's Snacks


The story of the MN Hero Snack Pack... Meet Erica! She is Chief of Staff at the dedicated COVID Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul and a true hero. She reached out to so many of us local food makers to get snacks for her staff who had been working long hours and didn’t have enough time to get to the grocery store to get snacks they needed to stay energized and fed. Personally, when I talked to Erica on the phone, I had to pause and hold back my tears for a moment.  How was this woman taking the time to go this far out of her way to help her staff when she herself must be afraid under tremendous stress? Nevertheless, we all answered the call with our hearts open!
Seventeen local snack companies donated thousands of dollars collectively worth of product to Bethesda. Because we all wanted to! But we realize there are more medical workers that need this and we want to keep going, but it has to be sustainable for these businesses too. Many of these local food businesses have also been hit hard by this crisis. 
So! HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP! Donate to the MN HERO SNACK PACK! $25 feeds 8- 10 frontline workers! We will all be donating our products,  but at least your donations can help recover some of the costs for these local food producers. So you are helping the front lines and small biz all at once!